Is it true that a juice loses vitamins because it is squeezed?

If you have been to a supermarket in recent months, you have surely seen the machines for squeezing juice at the moment. This juice purchase option began to extend two years ago and has not ceased to win customers, while taking them away from customers of the bottled juice of a lifetime.

These machines offer juice squeezed at the moment and no additive or preservative is added, so for many, the question may arise as to whether vitamins are lost in a matter of hours or maintained. Fortunately, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has conducted an investigation.

This study on the different juices has also served to know which is the cheapest freshly squeezed juice, something that you can check in our article.

In the OCU they have analyzed 24 samples of juices that have been collected from supermarkets that were stored after 24 hours.

The analyzes were of samples collected in supermarkets during hours between 12:00 and 16:00, with the machines running from the first hour, and resulted in no hygiene problem with the juices collected: “No microorganisms are detected that they cause diseases and the rest appear in acceptable quantities. These products are safe and consumed at the time of purchase. ”

Regarding the analysis on vitamin C, the results have been clear and it has been proven that there is no loss of vitamins: “we measure the amount of vitamin C contained in the samples on the day of purchase and also after 24, 48 and 72 hours. The results are clear: vitamin C, as levels remain stable as long as the juice has been kept cold. “

Therefore you know, when someone tells you to take the juice fast so that vitamins are lost, you may not know what really happens or that it is only a trick for you to take it fast.

Now you have an answer.

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