5 Apple products to give away at Christmas without going bankrupt

It is true that Apple products are more expensive than those of its competitors. The exclusivity that Apple gives does not have other brands, as well as the quantity and quality of the apple brand software.

If you want to give a gift to someone who has an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac and is fully compatible with their products, bet on Apple’s official products to avoid problems. They have warranty and technical service in their stores without comparison, in addition to integrating better with all their devices.

The problem? Prices. The “Apple rate” is usually quite high, but you don’t always have to leave a kidney to buy official Apple products. You can find very useful products that are not that expensive.

Apple AirPods with charging case
Airpods 2

The best known headphones in the world and therefore the most desired are the AirPods. These white headphones have become a new standard in terms of quality Bluetooth headphones, compatible with both iPhone and Android phones. Now the second generation AirPods are discounted for only € 148.99 on Amazon.

With a battery that gives you up to 5 hours of playback and a magnetized cable charging box that increases the service life up to 24 hours, they are surely a truly wireless headset with the best battery of the moment.

Includes functions such as touch playback control, “Hey Siri” without touching anything, H1 chip to improve pairing and connection quality with iPhone, iPad and Macs.
Airpods 2
Apple AirPods 2

The AirPods 2 is the second version of the popular Apple wireless headphones. The new version features new features such as active Siri listening, wireless charging case and enhanced autonomy, plus Bluetooth 5.0 for faster and more stable connectivity.
Amazon offer
64GB iPad mini
iPad mini

The iPad mini is Apple’s most compact tablet that has become much faster in the latest model and finally has Apple Pencil support for taking notes or drawing.

This Apple tablet that normally costs € 449 is now discounted on Amazon for only € 377.25 with 64GB of memory.

After years without updating now, this iPad mini with 7.9-inch screen matches the larger iPad with the Bionic A12 processor. It has a start button with a Touch ID fingerprint reader and a battery of up to 10 hours of autonomy.

It is the perfect tablet to take it everywhere, watch series, movies or use it to take notes without having to carry a bag or backpack.

Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro

For those who are looking for Apple headphones that isolate better than AirPods but are compatible with physical activities, such as running or playing sports in a gym, its Beats headphone brand launched the Powerbeats Pro.

Apple sports headphones are now on sale at Amazon, because they have gone from € 250 that usually cost only € 217.49 with free shipping.

They include functions such as “Hey Siri” without the need to touch buttons, playback control by physical buttons, a much more stable setting than the AirPods behind the ear and an important detail: a battery of up to 9 hours uninterrupted with a single charge. Thanks to its cargo box you can have 1.5 extra hours just being connected 5 minutes.

Apple Pencil
Apple Pencil

Do you want to give an Apple product that unleashes the creativity of someone? The Apple Pencil is the perfect product for all people who have one of the new iPad, iPad mini or iPad Pro.

This digital pen allows you to synchronize immediately with these iPad simply by connecting to its Lightning port.

It has thousands of pressure levels, a latency of only 20ms compared to what is seen on the screen and a battery that offers you 12 hours of uninterrupted use.

It is an essential accessory for iPad users who use it at all times to take notes or for artists and enjoy design and drawing applications.

IPhone Smart Battery Case
Apple Smart Battery Case

The iPhone has a good battery, but not as good as the latest Android that include batteries with much more capacity. Although it is true that iPhone tend to better manage battery consumption, it is not a panacea and many people end up taking a charger wherever they go.

To forget your iPhone charger at home, the Smart Battery Case is perfect. They are silicone protective cases for iPhone that include a battery to extend the hours of use.

Apple Smart Battery Cases are available for many of the latest iPhone announced, such as iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone 7. Some models are on sale at Amazon.

They are normally more expensive batteries than some battery cases of other brands, but these have the quality and compatibility of Apple, with details such as being able to see the amount of energy left from the widget panel.

Smart Battery Case for iPhone 11 for € 126.70
Smart Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro for € 126.70
Smart Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max for € 129.13
Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS for € 142.18
Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS Max for € 126.65
Smart Battery Case for iPhone XR for € 117.04
Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7 for € 91.77

Prices may vary, you can check it

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