Goodbye to a Superjumbo

Airbus said it will stop producing the A380 following a cut in orders from Emirates, the plane’s biggest customer. It joins the list of things that seem cool but don’t make much business sense, like Segways and the Fyre Festival.

  • After delays and cost overruns, the A380 entered service in 2007 with ambitions of shuttling close to 600 passengers between major hubs.
  • It’s pretty luxurious. (We flew economy from JFK –> Dubai in an A380…the cabin was roomier than an NYC apartment.)

But the industry changed

And the A380 got left in the contrails by smaller jets that were a) easier to fill and b) able to sidestep larger cities for more regional destinations.

 No one was particularly surprised by the decision, as Airbus execs had been preparing the move for a year. Now, the company wants to focus on its more popular jets to capitalize on the growing number of air passengers (expected to increase 6% in 2019).

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